spirit in the sky


...is finally here!

What an amazing feeling it is to get our own music video! We created the entire video in one day, on a pretty low budget - the downside of being a new independent band - but we made it! Click here to see the result!

A lot of talented people were part of the process, including Martin Softedal, who was the director.

Martin describes the video as three parallel universes, where the first universe is cold, frozen and arctic, and the next sequence is an alternation between spirit animals and a scene where a person fights faceless bullies.

We wanted to create a video which is both serious and humorous, and we are excited to see what our audience thinks about it!

...and for those of you who haven’t already noticed - the dancer in the video is the same dancer we used in our show in Oslo Spektrum! He’s just incredible!

A big thanks to:
Kyle Patrick (Danser)
Cecilie Svendsen (Skuespiller)
Martin Sofiedal (Regi)
Alice Asplund (Prod.)
Erlend Mannsåker Roald (Prod.ass)
Lasse Ibsen Thun (lys.ass)
Veronika Høyer (Prodass)
Fredrik Wold-Hansen (Innspillingsleder)
Vetle Strøm (Klipp)
Vibeke Larsen Maltun (Kostymør)
Erik Aanonsen Løken (Lysmester)
Knut Svanes Lunde (A-foto)
Therese Grønlund (Scenografi)
Thomas Myrseth & Melvin Østensen (VFX)
Leander Havik (B-foto)
Studio ALF (MUA)